Make work better. For your employees and you. Make work better. For your employees and you.

Scored is the future of employee motivation, allowing you to easily create a more engaging and rewarding workplace with minimal effort.

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01. What’s Scored all about?
Turns employees into lifers.
Give daily performance reviews

Employees need recognition for what they do well and feedback on what they need to improve. Scored makes it easy for you to give all employees individual attention, building a loyal workforce.

Reduce your pile of two-week’s notices

Scored lets you create long-term goals for your employees, allowing them to see where they are going and reducing the chance that they will move on to a new company.

Integrates into your operations.
Look good doing it

Scored makes it easy to get going, and when you want to make adjustments or changes to your setup, Scored is designed to adapt to you, not the other way around.

A model that grows with you

Scored changes how employees see and talk about your business because it shows you’re invested in their success.

02. Tools for success

Scored’s motivational tools span everything from CRM to gifts that reward and motivate employees in both long and short term.

Store relevant data about employees, their actions and KPIs collected from your internal systems.
Reward employees for reaching certain milestones and completing key actions.
Utilize personal goals, team-oriented goals and set up periodical recurring motivation events.
Customize goals on an employee-to-employee or department-to-department basis for different periods.
Set up automated monetary rewards calculation based on employees bonus points and acheivements during the period.
Create and manage redemption catalogues for physical gifts, digital content, and vouchers.
03. The easy access portal

Your employees can check in on their own progress at any time using Scored’s transparent, real-time employee portal. Here, they can keep track of their progress, achievements, goals and rewards earned.

04. What it all means for you
Take the load off your HR.

Scored lets you automate a lot of the HR maintenance processes that take up time, allowing you to focus your resources on optimization.

Be more transparent.

Your employees will be able to see their progress in real time so they can make adjustments and changes, resulting in more effective workplaces.

Get to know your staff.

Scored collects data across your departments and provides in-depth analysis based on the results, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

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Scaling pricing for flexible teams. More employees – lower fee.
Total monthly fee: $2.29/employee
Total monthly fee per employee: $2.29/employee
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